For New Parents

For most parents, the news that their baby has Down syndrome comes as quite a shock. Feelings of sadness, fear and confusion are common for new parents. The news has usually come at a time when parents are feeling emotional and vulnerable. Fortunately, those of us coming to terms with the fact that our baby has Down syndrome are able to draw on the experiences of the many parents who have come before us. We learn that most parents cope surprisingly well with their new babies, that their baby has much more in common with other babies than it does differences and that the experience of parenthood is no less rich for having a baby with Down syndrome than it might otherwise have been.

The material below is meant as a starting point for new parents seeking information that might be helpful in caring for yourselves and your new baby. It includes material that is available to new parents through the ACT Down Syndrome Association’s Parent Support service as well as links to more in-depth information that can be followed up at the appropriate time.