Our General Committee Meetings are open for any member to attend – please come along whenever you want to and feel free to contribute ideas and thoughts about events you would like to see happen and the direction you would like to see the ACT DSA go.

Meetings start at 7:30 pm in the small meeting room (except for AGM) of Building 1, Pearce Community Centre, Collett Place, Pearce (opposite the Pearce shops) and usually finish by 10pm.

(THE AGM is held on a Thurs at an earlier time in the large meeting room at the same address.)

2017 Committee meetings
  • March Wednesday 22nd
  • April Wednesday 5th 7:30pm
  • May Wednesday 10th 7:30pm
  • June Saturday 3rd 2:30pm
  • July Saturday 1st, 2:30pm
  • August Wednesday 9th, 7:30pm
  • September Thursday 14th (AGM)
  • October Wednesday 11th 7:30pm
  • November Wednesday 8th, 7:30pm
  • December Wednesday 6th 7:30pm

Important Note:

On a rare occasion the location of the meeting may change to accommodate a committee member’s attendance circumstances. Please ensure you contact the ACT DSA Office or the ACT DSA Committee President prior to the meeting to confirm venue.

Office: or 6290 0656

President: or 0421 109 686

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