Benefits Of Membership

The ACT Down Syndrome Association (ACTDSA) supports people with Down syndrome and their families. We encourage you to join the ACTDSA so you can be a part of giving people with Down syndrome a louder voice in our community and more opportunities to participate in everyday society. By achieving these goals, we ensure that, throughout their life, the needs of each individual are supported and their unique set of skills and talent are valued.

You can join the ACT Down Syndrome Association on the Join The ACTDSA page

Other benefits include:

Fortnightly enewsletter enewsletter This is emailed to members each second Thursday and contain information about events and activities of our association and other organisations. They also contain information and links to sites which our members may find useful.
Quarterly Journal of Down Syndrome Australia The Voice journal is posted to members on a quarterly basis. The target readership is member families of state and territory associations but the publication is expected to also be of interest to practitioners and professionals whose work brings them into contact with individuals with Down syndrome. The content focus is on matters relating to people with Down syndrome or issues of intellectual disability. The feature articles are written, where possible, by acknowledged experts in the field—edited if needed to plain English. The feature section also includes other articles and information relating to the feature theme.
Courses and workshops We run a number of courses and workshops throughout the year. Members receive a discounted fee for each course or workshop.
Social events We host a number of social events throughout the year for our members to meet. We subsidise these events to maximise the opportunities for our members to meet and get to know each other.
Fundraising events As a small not-for-profit organisation which receives no government funding, we hold fundraising events from time to time.  Members receive a discounted fee for each fundraising event.  You do not need to attend fundraising events but we welcome your support for this necessary part of our association’s activities.
Parent support Parent support encompasses not just new parents but any parent wanting to know any information throughout the life of their child with Down syndrome.The parent support team also supports carers, hospitals, schools and other organisations as needed.
Volunteering opportunities As a member, you may stand for election for any of our committee positions at our AGM.  Contact the office for more information.We also have several opportunities for volunteering at our events and other activities throughout the year.  These are advertised in our enewsletter.From time to time, we are asked to serve on panels, forums or committees of government departments (such as the Education department) and other organisations.  These are interested in our enewsletter.
Confident Speakers program As a member with Down syndrome, you can participate in our Confident Speakers program.  This program develops the skills and knowledge required to make effective presentations for many different purposes using a range of media.



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