Benefits Of Membership


The ACT Down Syndrome Association (ACTDSA) supports people with Down syndrome and their families, carers, schools, employers, medical professionals and community groups. We encourage you to join ACTDSA so you can be a part of giving people with Down syndrome a louder voice in our community and more opportunities to participate in everyday society. By achieving these goals we ensure that, throughout their life, the needs of each individual are supported and their unique set of skills and talent are valued.

You can join the ACT Down Syndrome Association on the Join The ACTDSA page

Other benefits include:
  • monthly e-newsletter
  • access to information on various topics relevant to the community
  • parent support regardless of the age of your child
  • social groups for teens and adults
  • access to closed Facebook groups (Under 5’s, Primary School Families, and Parents Carers and Families)
  • participation in the Confident Speakers program
  • access to workshops for individuals, families, carers, and professionals
  • voting rights allowing you to stand for election to our Committee.

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